CS371P Spring 2021: Samantha Tuapen

Hi all, this is my sixth blog post for CS 371P: Object Oriented Programming

What did you do this past week?

What’s in your way?

What will you do next week?

What was your experience of Voting and consts?

As for consts, I wasn’t aware of the various flavors of const pointers. The lecture we had on Friday was very eye opening, but I definitely need to keep playing around with those so I can solidify my understanding of them.

How did you fare in the storm?

Since the power was out at our house that week, so was our wifi (and our cellular data wasn’t working well either). There wasn’t much to do in the evenings except eat dinner then sleep, so I ended up getting lots of sleep that week because I would go to bed early and sleep in as late as possible so I wouldn’t have to think about the cold!

What made you happy this week?

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

That’s it for my blog post this week! Thanks for reading and I hope those in Texas are recovering well from that crazy storm